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Art and Squirrel


There may be a place for every exhibit of art, but not every art exhibit is about place. And while not every art exhibit requires you to participate, "Squirrel-O-Rama" will.?_Enter a world created by the Squirrelly Girls Art Collective - James Busby, Melanie Christian, Sandra Luckett and Katie Shaw Sweeney - which combines the common, the ethereal and the surreal?_to contemplate place and?_landscape.?_Each artist has created an installation that, combined with performance, will transform the 1708 Gallery at 319 W. Broad St.?_"Squirrel-O-Rama?VbCrLf opens June 6 for First Fridays - the artists' performances start at 7 p.m. Some participation required.ΓΏ

The show runs through Aug. 2. 643-1708 or visit - Valley Haggard

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