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"Arlington Road" and on video, "Hilary & Jackie"

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"Arlington Road"Now On Video: "Hilary & Jackie"

"Arlington Road" Terror hits home in this thriller about the evil that could be lurking behind the benign smiles of friends and neighbors. Jeff Bridges stars as a college professor whose F.B.I. wife was wrongly killed in a Ruby-Ridge-type fiasco. One way he copes with his loss and frustration with the government is to teach a class on terrorism. Things come to a head when he helps neighbors Tim Robbins and Joan Cusack. Soon Bridges' inquisitive nature has him suspecting Robbins is not what or who he says he is. Girlfriend Hope Davis tells Bridges he's paranoid. So Bridges begins investigating. Surprise, surprise, ol' smiling Tim is really someone else; someone with a secret in his past. The clock begins ticking as Bridges races to save his son and keep Robbins and his cohorts from bombing the F.B.I.

When "Arlington Road" is a study in paranoia and fear, it is terrific. Bridges is fine as a hapless fellow caught up in things way over his head. And Robbins and Cusack milk their quietly evil roles with benign sweetness and logic. But when the filmmakers come to the end of the movie, needing to "blow up" or "shut up," "Arlington Road's" suspenseful edge fizzles. While some will be blown away by the final twist in "Arlington Road," others will be let down.

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"Hilary & Jackie" In Arnand Tucker's fact-based drama, we learn the stirring story of British cellist Jacqueline du Pre. Brilliantly acted by Emily Watson, Jackie is both virtuoso and vamp; vulnerable and vain. Rachel Griffiths gives an equally inspiring performance as Jackie's sister Hilary. A talented musician herself, Hilary is not however in the ranks of Jackie, which puts her in the handmaiden's role, bred to forgive Jackie's transgressions because of her gifts. But fate has a different destiny for Jackie, one which borders on insanity and finally the reality of a crippling disease. Never overwrought or sentimental, "Hilary & Jackie" will leave even the hardest-heart shaken.

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