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Anticipating Bouchon


I always enjoy the restaurant reviews that appear in Style and regularly consult the online versions when thinking about a new place to try. I would, however, like to point out a recent small omission in Deveron Timberlake's mention of the new restaurant Bouchon, soon to open on Cary Street (“Short Order,” Food & Drink, Aug. 5).

In the article Timberlake mentions “Bouchon takes two meanings in French: a traffic jam or a wine cork.” There's an additional meaning that may be even more pertinent. Having lived for two years in Lyon, France, which is purportedly the gastronomic capital of France, I am well acquainted with another type of “bouchon” — the “bouchon lyonnais.” It's a small bistro-style restaurant serving traditional, local cuisine. In my experience these places were intimate and relaxed in feel, where you could kick back with some excellent food and a plentiful supply of Beaujolais.
Sonja Moore

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