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Another View of Housing Woes

I wanted to commend Style Weekly for tackling such a pressing issue in the Richmond area and the nation as a whole ("Out of the Zone," News & Features, Aug. 29). However, while this new proposal could have negative effects on the quality of life for certain people, namely the Latinos mentioned in the article, you are forgetting the overcrowding practices which hinder neighbors from their quality of life.

People moved out of the cities to get away from the crowds and now they cannot escape it. While the measure taken by Chesterfield County might not be the right way, they are looking out for the safety of those who inhabit these overcrowded homes. This problem also leads to overcrowded school systems, not to mention more vehicles in neighborhoods that could lead to potential problems with safety of the children who play in the neighborhood.

I fully support affordable housing and want to see an end to housing discrimination, but allowing overcrowding practices is not acceptable. There are other options that should be explored, i.e., affordable loans to lower-economic status individuals.

F. Nicholas "Nick" Sollog III

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