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Another Reason to Linger: Julep's


Thank you for the restaurant and cocktail recommendations in the “Letting It Linger” article (“State of the Plate,” Cover Story, March 17). You have given us new places to try in the future and it was an enjoyable read.

I'd recommend including Bobby Kruger from Julep's in any discussion regarding mixology and Richmond. After our first dinner at Julep's we moved to the bar for an after-dinner drink, and it has since become our favorite spot in town. Sometimes we even push dinner or dessert off to later in the evening so we can attend the Mint speakeasy. Bobby is crafting some pretty amazing cocktails from scratch and he incorporates seasonal ingredients. Right now he has a unique beverage with marinated blood oranges that is quite tasty. His creativity and personality have made us adjust our budget so we can enjoy his libations at least once a month. He's the best bartender we've ever had the pleasure of meeting!

I look forward to learning more about the area through this publication.

Cindy McDavid

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