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Annette Cousins, 27

Co-Executive Director, Neighborhood Resource Center


From the University of Richmond to India to Fulton Hill. That's the circuitous route Annette Cousins took to wind up fixing plumbing, feeding strays, handling unruly teenagers and tackling just about anything.

As co-executive director of the Neighborhood Resource Center in Fulton Hill, Cousins, 27, helps people find jobs, organizes parent education workshops, oversees a Montessori preschool, writes grants and rallies neighborhood involvement in the center.

“Annette brings a blend of efficiency and grace to her work that will make it impossible for us to ever let her go,” says Mary Lou Decossaux, founder and co-executive director of the center.

Cousins is a friend to regional farmers, too, through her membership in community-supported agriculture. Active in the Girl Scouts of America, she's served as a troop leader for the last five years.

Those who know Cousins say it's her style not just to be hands-on but also to be neck deep in the world around her. For Cousins, that world shrinks and expands daily — from what was once an old post office in eastern Richmond to the corn and bean fields of southwest Virginia to the streets of Calcutta. She takes steps locally to leave a global footprint.




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