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Anne Robinson hosts "The Weakest Link" on NBC

Goodbye, Idiot


Meet the bitch that NBC hopes will take America by storm.

That's her word for it, by the way, not ours.

"My role makes Joan Collins, the last British bitch to appear on American TV, look like Mother Teresa," says Anne Robinson, the host of the BBC-TV show "The Weakest Link." She beat out Richard Hatch (winner of the first "Survivor") in auditions to see who would be the host of the NBC-TV version of the show.

"The Weakest Link" will debut on NBC-TV Monday, April 16, from 8 to 9 p.m.

Robinson's heartless treatment of contestants on the cruelty-driven BBC quiz show is credited for making an otherwise unremarkable program a hit in the UK.

Viewers in Britain cotton to her sarcastic remarks to contestants and wait with bated breath for her vicious catchphrase: "You are the weakest link — goodbye."

Teams of contestants on the show are challenged to answer general-knowledge questions to amass a prize fund. The catch is that they must vote regularly to eliminate fellow team-members who are performing badly. The one contestant who is left at the end wins all the money.

Robinson seems to revel in banishing those who get kicked off the show. She was chosen as the rudest woman on television by readers of the UK's TV Times.

The format has proven to be so popular in Britain that it's been bought by television stations in 11 other countries, and additional deals are in the works.

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