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And the Artists Emerge From Their Winter Lofts



What with spring and all, the outdoor events get rolling, and you have, once again, the opportunity to surround yourself with collected humanity, be it masses of people eating chili (a dangerous game; see Set List) or ducking into the galleries for a bit of boxed wine and a look at the latest aesthetic output from the human race. Thus, First Fridays Art Walks gather the people April 6 at places like Gallery5, where VCU grad and Yale M.F.A. SunTek Chung curates "Don't Fear for the Future, Sweetness," works by Amelia Winger-Bearskin, Theresa Marchetta, Carmen McLeod, Valerie Molnar, Jessica Langley, Alexis Semtner, Marian Smith and Lisa Marie Thalhammer. It's all candy-coating and bright colors, such as Valerie Molnar's fabric art, above, a blooming of art to keep up with all of nature's latest trends, starting at 7 p.m. Through April. 644-0005.

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