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An Unfunny Detail Regarding Mr. Johnson

Regarding "We roll up our rainbow flags and move on" (The Score, Dec. 27), I think that every editor and writer responsible displayed poor taste in making the decision to describe Steven Johnson in detail, including his circumcised penis. I still don't get your point -- was it just a middle-school attempt at character assassination?

What you laughed about in your office failed in print. If we were interested in reading this type of garbage, perhaps we'd turn to your paid advertisements for adult Web sites and chat lines, including one in this week's issue that advertises "cruising," a gay term that basically relates to hooking up for anonymous sex.

Lack of Style Weekly needs to take a look at its own standards and practice a little more responsibility. As the son of two retired newspaper editors, I have no problem with reporting the facts. But I also understand what is appropriate to print, and what's not.

Bart Schultz

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