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An Inconvenient Truth, But a Noble Cause

Regarding the online story on StyleWeekly.com ("Former Eco-Terrorist Organized Environmental Film Festival," Jan. 31) on John Wade, organizer of the environmental film festival, and how he had not fully revealed his past to potential sponsors of the festival.

The title of the celebrated Al Gore film on the environment comes to mind. For Wade, it seems, his past was an inconvenient truth. That being said, I think the idea for the festival was a powerful and productive one, and Wade's organization of it admirable. I wish the festival success and hope it will become an annual event.

Andy Garrigue
Henrico County

Your portrait of John Wade, who served three years in prison for his acts of eco-vandalism against Central Virginia businesses, was fascinating. I found myself sympathizing with his goals, but not his actions.

You quoted Wade saying that "Martin Luther King Jr. would definitely be a terrorist if he were around today" -- and I could not agree. King won his battles by using nonviolent tactics to confront the worst aspects of society of his day. Instead of vandalism and arson (which, by the way, do not equal "terrorism" until people die), perhaps environmentalists need to stage more sit-ins and accept more arrests. After a while, talk is cheap. Nonviolent protest does get headlines without the downside of long prison terms and has the potential to change minds. Eco-vandalism by contrast, allows the corporate world to dismiss you as a criminal.

Chris Wiegard

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