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Already Missing Dot's Back Inn

I worked at Dot's Back Inn for about a year ("Dot's Final Call," News & Features, Dec. 13). Cookie [Giannini] is the kindest, most generous boss/person/friend that I have had the fortune to meet. I was proud to work for her. I made a lot of money at Dot's and a lot of pals.

Don't worry about the article, Cookie. Worry about your grandchildren and your mama. Most of all, worry about you! It's your retirement. Last I checked, retirement is awesome. You didn't leave anyone hanging. If you're a good waitress, then you will have a job with the new owner, simple as that. I love you, Cookie. Have a great retirement.

Adrienne Grove

Annapolis, MD

The only accurate part of Chris Dovi's mean-spirited article was the description of Dot's Back Inn as a "North Side landmark." We in North Side wonder what could possibly have been the purpose of such a brutal attack on our beloved Dot's. Our children grew up in Dot's, and yet the article called it a "grimy beer joint." Absolutely nothing in the article rang true, and the author even made light of longtime customer Mr. Green's "claim to have been friends with Douglas Wilder." Please let Mr. Dovi know that Mr. Green did indeed go to school with Mayor Wilder.

Waitress Janet Rollins was the focus of this tirade, and yet the owner, Cookie, was never asked to comment on Ms. Rollins' musings. If Style is to continue to flourish in North Side, we ask you to print a retraction of Mr. Dovi's article. Give us an article that praises the influence that Cookie and her family restaurant, Dot's, has had in our community. Cookie remains one of our most loved residents.

Carolyn G. O'Leary

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