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Allen's Black Supporters: What Are They Thinking?

Amy Biegelsen's article on Sen. George Allen's supporters in the black community ("Allen's New Friends," News & Features, Oct. 11) was discouraging. Bishop Gerald Glenn and state Sen. Benjamin Lambert seem to have fallen prey both to Allen and to their own naiveté.

Allen's funding of historically black colleges is a clever carrot that preserves the traditional value of separate but equal. His hostility towards gays seems also to strike a chord with this audience — sad to see yesterday's victims of racial hatred unwilling to support today's victims of sexual-orientation hatred.

Allen's politics have always been 100 percent conservative and friendly to the wealthy, no matter which issue he has chosen to ride to victory. Glenn's statement that Allen "cannot go back the same man" if backed by a few African-American seems naïve. Defeat would teach Allen more lasting lessons.

Chris Wiegard

So Bishop Gerald Glenn thinks Sen. George Allen is OK since both of them used racial epithets in their "youth." Given that Allen used the "macaca" racial slur just two months ago, Bishop Glenn must have a pretty broad definition of "youth." Or, is the Bishop himself still using racial insults?

Bill Black
Washington, D.C.

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