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Alleged Chair Collapse at Stuzzi Leads to $250,000 Lawsuit



The Museum District pizza restaurant Stuzzi and décor store Crate and Barrel are being sued because of a chair that allegedly collapsed.

The lawsuit alleges that on Sept. 17, 2010, the late Augustine T. Williamson "sat in one of the chairs on the premises which immediately collapsed causing [Williamson] to violently fall to the floor."

What resulted were "severe personal injuries, pain and suffering and severe emotional distress," among other things, the lawsuit charges. The suit says the chair was made by Crate and Barrel, was defective "and not reasonably safe for its intended use."

Williamson died peacefully at age 76 on Jan. 26, according to his obituary in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. The lawsuit was filed by Williamson's estate, but doesn't say his death was related to the alleged chair collapse. The suit asks for $250,000.

Stuzzi acknowledges "that the plaintiff fell in the premises," in its response filed in court Oct. 1, but denies the other allegations. It asks for the case to be dismissed. In its response, Crate and Barrel also denies the allegations. The retailer says it sells chairs but doesn't manufacture them, and also asks the court to dismiss the lawsuit.

Neither Stuzzi owner Peter Caserta nor Williamson's attorney could be reached for comment.

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