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airs Saturday, Jan. 27, from 8 to 9 on CBS

"Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials"

Who can forget Mean Joe Greene's touching and tender Super Bowl commercial for Coke? Or Ruth Gordon's pitch for Subaru? Or Jerry Seinfeld's for American Express? Each year, advertisers march out their best and brightest to debut during the big game, and the money they pay for the privilege is enough to feed and clothe a small kingdom. But is there a Best Ever Super Bowl Commercial? We're about to find out. Mike O'Malley and Anthony Clark, the stars of CBS-TV's "Yes, Dear," will host an hour-long special on "Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials" the night before this year's big game - Saturday, Jan. 27, from 8 to 9. You'll get a chance to see 30 years of the funniest, the tenderest, the coolest commercials that ever debuted on the Super Bowl telecasts. In addition to Mean Joe Greene's Coke spot, you'll see spots by Rodney Dangerfield and Cindy Crawford for Pepsi, Bo Jackson for Lipton, Michael Jordan for McDonald's, Henry Winkler for Schick, Joe Namath for Noxzema and Miss Piggy for Lays. To make the whole show more interactive for the new millennium, CBS and USA Today have teamed up to provide a way for you to vote for your favorite. But Tuesday is your last chance to act. Point your Web browser to, where you'll be able to look at and then vote on some of the top nominees. The results will be announced on CBS's Saturday broadcast.

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