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After Big Gift, Museum Curator Departs

Brand says the timing of Curry's departure has nothing to do with museum's recent gift of American impressionist and realist paintings from VMFA trustee Fran McGlothlin and her husband, Jim. The McGlothlins' gift includes endowment money to support the collection and a $10 million contribution to the museum's capital campaign. When its expansion is complete, the museum's new wing for American art will be named for the McGlothlins.

Curry curated the VMFA's current "Capturing Beauty" exhibit, which features a selection of the paintings that were bequeathed to the museum by the McGlothlins. He also wrote the exhibit's 70-page catalog.

When asked if the McGlothlins had anything to do with Curry's departure, Brand says, "It might look like a strange time to leave, but the collection itself is a bequest," so it would not have likely come to the museum during Curry's tenure anyway.

Brand also points out that Curry has been with the VMFA for 15 years and is happy to be moving closer to his "home territory" because his wife lives in Washington, D.C.

"He'd been thinking of leaving earlier but delayed his departure so he could stay on and work on the catalog [for the "Capturing Beauty" exhibit]," says Brand. "The McGlothlins were keen to have David work on the catalog and they were happy with that product."

Brand says Curry is working on one last acquisition before he retires in August. According to The Baltimore Museum of Art, he will begin his position there in September. — Carrie Nieman

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