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After Arrest, D'Angelo Goes Back to Work

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Not much has been heard from Michael Archer, aka D'Angelo, since he received a slap on the wrist for a serious car accident in Powhatan County in 2007. Until recently. 

The R&B star recently made headlines after allegedly cruising New York's West Village. According to reports, he was arrested on March 6, charged with offering a female undercover police officer $40 for oral sex. The New York Post also reported that police found $12,000 hidden in his Range Rover.

D'Angelo's manager, Lindsay Guion, urges fans against rushing to judgment.

“We would like his fans and the public at large to know that D'Angelo has [pleaded] not guilty — and is contesting the allegations made against him,” he says in a statement. “D'Angelo … appreciates if all would allow the American justice system to resolve the matter before jumping to any conclusions.”

Attorney Ned Mikula, who represented D'Angelo in 2007, declines to comment on his client's recent problems. “He's an incredibly talented person,” Mikula says. “I just wish him all the best.”

After the arrest, the singer, still trying to complete his third album a decade after releasing his Grammy Award-winning “Voodoo” in 2000, may have gotten back to business in New York. Singer Erykah Badu tweeted that she and hip-hop band the Roots were in the studio with D'Angelo the next day. But that long-delayed album may not be the only unfinished business the singer has to attend to. 

Two months after he received a suspended sentence and had his driver's license revoked following the 2007 accident in Powhatan County, D'Angelo was stopped by police in Chesterfield County. He was charged with speeding and driving with a suspended license. He pled guilty in December 2007, but has yet to pay $683 in fines and court costs, according to court's Web site.


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