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AFI at the National


Much like its punk-revivalist contemporaries Green Day, California's AFI — with its designated acronym said to stand for “A Fire Inside,” “Asking for It” and “Anthems for Insubordinates” — has experienced a healthy transformation from snotty hardcore days. Unlike Billie Joe Armstrong and Co., however, who've opted for opera-inspired concept albums, AFI has directed its musical growth into becoming platinum seller of shimmering Goth rock, replete with hard-hitting riffs and anthemic production quality. Offering up some more dark-tempered tracks off the newly released “Crash Love,” the follow-up to the group's successful “Decemberunderground” of 2006, AFI performs at the National on Monday, Oct. 19, at 7 p.m. $26-$28. 612-1900.

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