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Accusation the true crime; Ukrop's apologizes for accusing customer; Mapp's work worthy of attention; Don't publish rumors


Accusation the true crime

I have no doubt that Carsey Abbott "has been an exemplary employee" at Ellwood Thompson's Natural Market; that has nothing to do, however, with why Gary McLamb of the Carytown Ukrop's should offer Abbott an apology (Street Talk, Feb. 27).

Reportedly, McLamb accused Abbott of multiple crimes and banned him from the store without any evidence whatsoever. To me, this seems the true crime.

Nevertheless, I hope Ukrop's urges McLamb to make an apology, and to make it publicly. I'm waiting to hear it before I go back to the store.

Angela Lehman-Rios

Ukrop's apologizes for accusing customer

Regarding your Street Talk article in the Feb. 27 issue of Style Weekly, we wanted to let your readers know that we are terribly sorry about the incident that took place at our Carytown store.

Bob Kelley, our vice president of operations, met with Carsey Abbott and his wife to extend our apology and let him know that he is welcome in our store. In addition, we've responded to all those who have contacted us, and we sincerely appreciate their concern.

Thank you for the opportunity to convey our regrets publicly.

Nancy Jo Ukrop
Public and Associate Relations

Mapp's work worthy of attention

Thank you for sending a Valentine to that tireless worker, John Mapp (cover story, Feb. 13). Over many years, he has led the English Speaking Union fund-raising effort that, since 1955, has sent two teachers and one college student each year to the Oxford University summer schools. Just think how John has enlivened the teaching base for our local schools — public and private.

Tony Pelling

Don't publish rumors

I am saddened by the article spotlighting the rumor regarding Gov. Jim Gilmore (Street Talk, March 6). Gov. Gilmore has an excellent reputation as governor.

He and his wife deserve the highest respect. Please don't publish rumors.

Donna Hensel


In the March 6 Night & Day section we listed Kelly Joe Phelps as playing at Ashland Coffee and Tea on March 12. Phelps will perform April 12. Also, in Street Talk in our Feb. 27 issue we misspelled Times-Dispatch Managing Editor Louise Seals' name. We regret the errors.

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