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Absurd assumption


Absurd assumption

Absurd assumption

As a visitor to your fair city, I read with reservations Style Weekly's article about the only Catholic girls school in the state of Virginia. (Cover story, Sept. 28) It read as if the school existed by default. If the Catholic population in the Diocese of Richmond demanded high quality and diversity in its secondary school religious education, I am sure the diocese would accommodate as is done across the nation. It is absolutely absurd to assume that Catholic parents would send their daughters to a school that uses "a computer and telephone in every classroom" as a selling point. Be most assured that Catholic parents demand a great deal more than outdated technology and nun double talk.

- Phyllis Burns


In the Oct. 20 issue of Style Weekly, we incorrectly reported the founder of the Valentine Museum. Mann S. Valentine Jr., father of Granville G. Valentine, is the founder. Style regrets the error.

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