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A Wish List

What the kids want this year. Plus, our annual Holiday Almanac to guide you through the events of the season.



1. Kayla Diallo, 6

A Barbie head. "'Cause I love to do hair, and one day I want to be a hair-doer."

Marshmallow Maker. "So I could make marshmallows whenever I want to. ... And it can be raining or not raining when you make them. You can make them outside or in."

Poncho, jeans and a feather jacket.

A Bratz doll.

2. Xhosa Scott, 6

Xbox, with games like Spiderman.

A Transformer — "an orange one ... a jet. Because I could fly it."

Mousetrap board game.

Rescue Hero set. "Because it teaches you about safety. It teaches you not to play with fire."

3. Maddie May, 6

Pair of sparkly tights.

Sparkly bouncing ball.

Purple, sparkly high-heeled boots. ("I just really love sparkles, and I just like to wear sparkly things. 'Cause I'm wearing a sparkly ponytail in my braids today.")

Pink talking Baby Hugs Bear.

"A pair of jeans that have pictures of flowers or butterflies on them."

4. Sam Brady, 6

Toy motorcycle, race

car or dirt bike. "I want to ride it at school."

Omega Supreme Transformer. "No other Decepticon can beat him. He's the biggest."

A new bike.


5. Sydney Batton, 6

Bratz cats and dolls.

"A ton of Barbies (five). ... I have a Barbie cruise ship at home, and I don't have any Barbies to go with it. ... My sister has a ton of them. She has a tall box, but I can't play with them because they're, like, 50 years old."

A kitchen set.

Christmas ornaments for my little Christmas tree.

6. Clark Fierson, 6

"Well, I want a cat and 100 cakes. Just plain cupcakes."

"I wish that I had no school and that I was a grown-up so I could work and make money. The best thing about being a kid is you get to play outside until your mom says 'Come in.' She says this to me and my three painful brothers. We don't believe in Santa Claus, but we believe in the person acting like Santa Claus."

7. Katherine Hatchett, 8

Bratz doll and head. "Because they're very fashionable, and you can get them new clothes, and they're always coming out."

Game Boy.


A computer. "I want to type and e-mail my cousins 'cause lots of them live in Ohio and stuff."

8. Jackson McDonald, 6

Beyblade top.

Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.

A Darth Vader costume. "I want the one when he turns into a robot."

A Scooby-Doo costume

A ghost costume. ("I was a pirate last year.")

9. Tahja Gay, 11

An iPod. "It's a little device that you can download music on. My favorite is gospel and hip-hop."

A digital camera.

"I'd like to spend Christmas with my aunt. She's 21. She's cool and fun to hang out with. She goes to college in New Orleans."

10. Braxton Pryor, 10

A laptop computer.

Action figures, like wrestlers.

A new homework desk. "My old one got broken."

11. Courtney Hay, 8

"I want a purple stuffed animal that's really, really fluffy. I don't care what it is as long as it's not a dinosaur, because everybody knows a purple dinosaur is for two-year-olds."

12. Milan Burton, 6

"On Christmas I know I get to go to my Grandma's house and make chocolate chip cookies."

A new Care Bear. "They're so nice and cuddly and I like to sleep with them."

A new baby sister.

13. Alessandro Ragazzi, 7

A pack of Lego people. "I'd build them restaurants and vehicles."

Two Duel Disks.

Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.

14. Maddie McIntyre, 10

"A five-thousand-dollar shopping spree to Stony Point Fashion Park — for Build-A-Bear and Limited Too."

"I'd like my cousin Thomas to get a puppy because he lost his puppy Henry in Hurricane Isabel. It knocked the fence down."

"But I think a five-thousand-dollar shopping spree covers everything I want."

15. Isabella Ragazzi, 6

"All I want is a Game Boy."

16. Damian Hurt, 7

A Beyblade.

Dirt bike.

"I want a new dress for my mom and some cool shoes for my dad so he can see what they're like."

17. Marcus Hurt, 8

Beyblade top.

Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.

Dragon Ball Z.

Game Boy Advance.

Power Ranger people.

VideoNow, to watch "Jimmy Neutron," "SpongeBob" and "Fairly Odd Parents."

18. Nick Haas, 9

A go-cart.

NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup.

Game Boy SP.

An air-hockey table.

"SpongeBob," "Alf" and comedy DVDs.

"Live Like You're Dying" CD by Tim McGraw. "My dad already has it, but I want mine."

19. JeJuan Hunter, 7

"I like dueling my friend Kenny, so I want a Duel Disk [launcher]."

PlayStation game Liger Zero.

Nintendo 64.

A Spiderman toy with a removable mask.

A hamster. ("I've already got a hamster, but I'd like another one so they could play together. Or a gerbil. But I don't want a rat because it could bite.")

"Actually you can mark out the Duel Disk at the top. I don't want one if Kenny doesn't have one. Instead I'd like Dr. Octopus so he can fight with Spiderman."

20. Taylor Roane, 8

"A couple of toys — my mom knows what that means."

"I want peace and harmony in the world, and I wish that children that didn't have a home could find one. ... And I wish that my dad could come home more than he does because I see him only once a year and that's my birthday. Thank you and happy holidays."

21. Noah Williams, 6

Remote-control toy race car.

Another airplane — a plastic one. "Because my mom threw my airplane in the trash because it was broken, because that one was made out of paper."

Madden 2005 for PlayStation 2.

A Halloween mask "that has blood coming out of its eyes, and one eye that has no eyeball."

22. Brittany Johnson, 11

"A two-seat go-cart or $10,000 so I could buy 10 two-seat go-carts."

"Toys 'R' Us has a toy ATM machine that looks like a safe. You can put money in it and take it out using your code. It's good practice."

23. Carley Wolf, 7

A red laptop computer.

A red camera.

A red pillowcase.

"A little Christmas tree with little lights on it that I can put in my room."

"I'd really like some red fancy boots that go all the way up to your knees."

24. Shanita Jefferson, 8

Bratz Tokyo.

Snoop Doggy Dogg scooter.

A toy motorcycle you can ride.

A pogo stick, a trampoline. "'Cause I love to jump."

"What I really, really, really want is a pool in the back yard."

25. Janai Golden, 7

VideoNow personal video player, with "That's So Raven." "So I don't have to waste a lot of cable."

"A keyboard that costs at least $130."

Clothes for my baby Chou Chou. "It does mostly everything a real baby does — it just doesn't use the bathroom in the tub [like Baby Born]."

Baby Born.

26. Timothy Lacey, 6

"I want to eat turkey."

Power Ranger action toys. "I'm starting to get green cards every week. If you get a yellow or red card [sent home], it means you haven't been very good."

"I want my two sisters to get a dollhouse and Bratz dolls. Bratz dolls don't have feet. But they have colored shoes that have to match the color of their outfits. The clothes can't match the color of their skin or else you'll think they're naked."

27 Télisi Johnson, 6

Hot Bratz dolls. "They're gorgeous. ... because they have cool clothes and stuff."

Pen full of McDonald's toys.

Black boots. "I want high heels on my boots. My mommy never buys them for me."

28. Sophia Artis, 7

A Bratz car, pink or blue. "If you get a Bratz car you get a book with coupons inside it."

A guitar "because they make a lot of noise. My aunt gave me one that broke when my dog knocked it out of the window. I was so mad at my dog."

"If I could have anything in the world, it'd be a trampoline."

29. Joshua Hemenway, 6

Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. "You battle and trade them. If the power goes out — like it does in some tropical storms we've had — you can play with them."

A Pokemon stuffed animal. "That's P-O-K-E-M-O-N."

30. Chet Frierson, 8

An Xbox and a Game Cube.

"And ten billion dollars. I'd buy a mansion wherever there are the most mansions. I know some really nice places like Florida, but there are no mansions there."

31. Brenna Monk, 9

"Two Christmases ago I got my American Girl doll Samantha. She looks exactly like me. I love her. But what I want for me this year is a Juice Box. It's a little TV that can fit in your pocket or palm so you can watch movies on a tiny little screen.

"I wish for some toys but mostly that when we have our canned-goods drive we have lots so the homeless have some food."

"I wish we all could have peace and that my brother would come home from University of Greensboro."

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