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A Self-Righteous Society


The Back Page essay that Zack Budryk wrote, in my opinion, nailed right on the head the nonchalance and self-righteousness of a society that is becoming more and more out of touch with itself (“The Second Assault,” March 9).

To read a quote or hear someone say that a rape victim is somehow responsible for the actions of their perpetrator not only makes me ill but makes me feel embarrassed to be human at all. There is no question or doubt that Lara Logan was in a hostile environment and in a different country with different views and beliefs but on a human level why should that matter? She was beaten and sexually assaulted. This is the perpetrators' fault, period. If you rape or murder someone you are responsible and should be held accountable. The comments from Nil Rosen, Simone Wilson and Debbie Schussel sicken me. Have we as a society become so indifferent and desensitized by the media and constant barrage of what passes for news that the suffering, misfortune and murder of another human being is laughable?

Frivolous lawsuits award money to people who have been injured while committing a crime because that person has rights. If you are injured while breaking into my house you have no rights. You are not a victim, you are responsible. It should not matter one bit how attractive Lara Logan is or what she was wearing. She was beaten and assaulted sexually. Shame on us.

Eric Hudnall

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