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A grand opening for Star-lite Dining and Lounge


Sean McClain describes his new restaurant, Star-lite Dining and Lounge, as "the best thing to happen to that corner in about 10 years." The lucky spot he's talking about is the corner of Robinson and Main streets. It's the corner where Soble's doled out the bacon cheesburgers to happy patio campers for much of the '90s. When Soble's closed, The Devil's Kitchen stepped in, only to fold within a year. McClain and Rick Lyons are the active partners in this new Star-lite Dining and Lounge venture. The two also operate Bandito's Burrito Lounge near Oregon Hill, so they have some experience with lounges, not to mention running a successful restaurant. Star-lite is a "quintessential fan café," McClain says. The atmosphere? "Warm and cozy," he says. What about the menu? "American standards." That means no surprises — everything from steak to meatloaf plus nightly specials and a big sandwich menu. Bottom line: affordable, McClain says. "You can go out on Tuesday because you don't feel like cooking and it's not going to break the bank." Star-lite is open every day of the week for lunch and dinner. Sunday brunch is set to begin as soon as the weather warms. McClain, Lyons and the rest of the veteran restaurant staff are planning a grand opening celebration for the end of February. 254-2667. If you still yearn for Soble's, you're in luck: the bacon cheeseburger lives on at Soble's To Go and Deli, opened by Eric Soble back in October. 305 N. Robinson St. 358-7843.

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