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"A Century of Innovative Book Design" at the Anderson Gallery

The Art of the Book


Read any good books lately? Right alongside Jim Campbell's state-of-the-art sculptures, the Anderson Gallery has on display "A Century of Innovative Book Design," a traveling exhibition organized by the University of Akron. Bibliophiles are urged out of Barnes & Noble and into the gallery to take in this show. It is a hands-on exhibition, displayed in a manner similar to last century's reading rooms, that focuses on mass-produced publications rather than on one-of-a-kind, limited-edition manuscripts. The curator chose books that were innovative in image and text presentation, use of materials, application of new technologies and historical impact. From William Morris' Arts and Crafts designs at the turn of the century and through 20th-century movements of expressionism, surrealism, art deco, Bauhaus, pop and finally postmodernism, this surprisingly piquant show is a bookworm's utopia as well as a designer's paradise. If you like books, are interested in publishing or design, or simply have a hankering for biblio-history, get out of the library, and check out this show. "A Century of Innovative Book Design" is on display through March 4.

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