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And they say there's no money in blogging. Not so if you're Jon Baliles, whose political musings on his popular blog, River City Rapids, helped earn him a job last week in Mayor L. Douglas Wilder's press office (salary: $69,000). How did he do it? We culled the archives searching for resume clippings. Here are a few excerpts that seem to say "Hire me!"

Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2005:

Scott Bass has a short piece on Wilder's swearing in and the upcoming "fireworks" everyone might be expecting. But not everyone.

City Councilman William J. Pantele dismissed the idea that Wilder would turn City Council meetings into his own personal firing line. "I think things are going to work much more smoothly than some people have been led to believe."

I agree.

Monday, Sept. 24, 2007

(Response to Sept. 21 Wilder School Board eviction attempt):

The media's orgasm for conflict which these latest events serve up on a platter for them should not cloud the disgraceful chronology of inaction [on the part of the Richmond School Board]. … Say what you will about the Mayor booting the school administration out of city hall and believe who you will, but calling it a coup or saying it is a slap at or diminution of the democratic process is a gross mischaracterization.

Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2007

(Response to Times-Dispatch poll that finds Wilder losing favor with voters):

Another question that was asked was "Would you support giving the Mayor's office additional power to run city government under the City Charter?" [56 percent opposed] What kind of power? Such an open ended question can mean a thousand different things to every respondent.

A better question (especially since it is in litigation) might have been, do you support the Mayor's push for better delineation of powers under the city charter?" or maybe "Do you [think] the city Charter should be made clearer (by judicial or legislative fiat) about which branch of city government should be responsible for certain operations?"

Friday, June 23, 2006

(Following first Wilder protest at City Hall):

Last week local news and now Style try to make a big deal out of a "protest" eight people (according to Wilder) led outside City Hall to complain Mayor Wilder turned against the poor and blacks in the community.

You can't even field a baseball team with eight people; it takes nine. Even if there were enough to field a team, it was not a big deal but makes good press, and thus creates a story. Style thought it big deal enough to pose the question, "Is Wilder wearing out his welcome?"


Wilder is being Wilder. ... We knew what we were getting and I for one am still glad we are getting it.

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