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A Big Byrd Thanks


On behalf of the board and the staff of the Byrd Theatre Foundation and the Byrd Theatre, I want to thank you for your recent support of the Byrd with the Richmond premiere of “Rock 'N' Roll Hotel” (“The Best Worst Movie You've Never Seen,” Cover Story, Aug. 18; movie premiere Aug. 30).

You probably know that 100 percent of our funding for the Byrd Foundation now comes from concerned people like you, and without your generosity, we simply could not continue to make the desperately needed renovations that will allow this Richmond historic landmark to continue into the 21st century.

There is nothing else like the Byrd in Richmond. Its architecture is inspired by the French Empire period with an interior made of imported Italian and Turkish marble, 11 stunning Czechoslovakian crystal chandeliers, hand-sewn velvet drapes, oil on canvas murals of Greek mythology, and of course the Wurlitzer organ.

Your support with “Rock 'N' Roll Hotel” will go directly to the $4.5 million preservation and renovation of the theater. Interestingly, the theater's original construction cost was $900,000 in 1928. In 2010, adjusted for inflation, the building would cost $11 million to build.

As you know, the Byrd Theatre continues to provide a unique form of affordable entertainment to the public (a family of four costs $7.96). We've only been able to do this because of people like you who care about the history and culture of our town.

Again, thank you. At a time when we are struggling to keep the Byrd alive, support by you and such sponsors as the Jefferson Hotel, To the Bottom and Back Bus, Studio Center Total Production, Bonvenu Restaurant and the event's generous grass-roots volunteers is making a significant difference.

Bill Barrett
President, Byrd Theatre Foundation

Editors' note: In all, the Byrd Theatre Foundation reports that Style Weekly's Richmond premiere of “Rock 'N' Roll Hotel” and the events surrounding it raised $12,895.54.

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