A Gluten-Free Questionnaire

by Melissa Barlow
Expert on gluten intolerance, and former proprietress of the Empress restaurant.

Do you suffer from the following common symptoms?

1. Bloated or distended abdomen (severe pressure & volume).
2. Indigestion, acid reflux or nausea.
3. Migraine headaches.
4. Overall physical fatigue regardless of usual sleep/rest.
5. Brain fog (trouble focusing or feeling overall hazy).
6. Experiencing long bathroom visits accompanied with pain, chills, abdominal cramping, constipation, diarrhea.
7. Feelings of extreme fullness with a normal meal OR feeling hungry regardless of the amount of food ingested.
8. Aching or dry joints.
9. Eczema or acne that seems untreatable.
10. Extreme weight loss or gain that does not adjust with exercise or usual dieting.

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Gluten Free Updates

February 2013: Recipes, RVA Gluten Free Businesses + More


The Gluten Free Bakehouse at Whole Foods


"Whole Foods pioneered gluten-free baking, with a bakehouse dedicated exclusively to the creation of an ever-growing number of gluten-free products, from sandwich bread and pizza crust to cookies and extraordinary desserts.""

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Gluten Free Shopping

Safe Food List

Unsafe Food List