Special/Signature Issues » 2012 Music Issue

9. The Snowy Owls, “Could” 3:44


Believe all the praise being showered on the Snowy Owls. The band writes seriously catchy hooks that swim in a pool of fuzz and feedback, then surface unscathed in the back of your mind. The Owls’ live performances are a captivating blend of nuanced songwriting and visual projections that leave the four musicians awash in sound, shapes and squiggles. Not to mention they’re some of the nicest guys in the Richmond music scene. Bassist and sound engineer Allen Bergendahl has mastered the annual Style Weekly compilation for the past three years. The group’s hallmark song, “Could,” teems with romantic tension to the effect of “I could need you, but I’m just not sure.” One thing’s for sure: You need to pay attention to the Snowy Owls. thesnowyowls.com.

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