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7. Max Monroe, "Mellow Yellow Sunday"




In February we covered the story of rediscovered local musician, Max Monroe, a former member of the little-known local '70s funk group, the Trash Company. That group broke up back in the early '80s after playing a few strange shows, but Monroe kept on writing his funky blend of lo-fi outsider soul and strange, psychedelic blues. It was enough to get Steady Sounds' vinyl release of "Trash Company: the Earle Hotel Tapes: 1979-1993" some critical acclaim by music bloggers, quickly selling out its initial pressing of 500 copies. Renewed and inspired, the elusive and retired city worker is still writing and recording songs at home, like this hypnotic instrumental keyboard track he nailed down in about three hours, he says. Sunday is Monroe's day for making music. Amen. — Brent Baldwin

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