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6. Eddie P. and the Big East, "I Got Everything (Til I Got You)"




You may know Eddie Prendergast as the tall bass player in Bio Ritmo, or as the singer and songwriter behind the former beloved band, Amazing Ghost. He often records his own side projects in Miami when not touring. His latest group, also featuring longtime collaborator and multi-instrumentalist Bob Miller, has a bit more of the eclectic dance scene influence from that city paired with Eddie P's usual laid-back, catchy hooks. This song off his latest EP is a good example of Prendergast's experimental pop sensibilities, interjecting steel drums and something like Miami bass into a song that starts off almost like a power-pop ballad then kicks into a bass-heavy island groove about midway through. The guy knows how to lay back in the groove while rocking the dance floor. — Brent Baldwin

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