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4. Peace Beast, "Can't Believe"




Peace Beast formed two years ago after Kelly Queener decided to show some friends her songs. With the help of Joe Lunsford on drums, Kyle Harris on lead guitar and Brandi Price on bass and backing vocals — then Ian Calder on bass — the songs were worked into deceptively simple rock, "never bubble-gum and not totally spooky," Queener says. It's easy to hear '60s girl-group influences in this debut song, "Can't Believe," one of the first the group ever played. "It's about wanting to capture an intense fleeting moment and being left with the reality that it's just impossible," Queener says, adding that the group really likes to "live in this emotional middle ground while still rocking out." Look for another arrangement of this song on their upcoming full length, being recorded at the Mystic Fortress in Roanoke. — Brent Baldwin

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