Special/Signature Issues » 2012 Music Issue

4. Dead Fame, “Frontiers” 4:55


Taken from the EP of the same name, Dead Fame’s “Frontiers” can be thought of as a song about living life as an outcast, lead singer Michael Means says. “It’s about doing what you think you need to do to be accepted and finding that, in the end, it is never good enough because you aren’t being yourself. … In the end, you learn to say, ‘Forget it,’ and you go about being who you are.” Dead Fame’s sound is reminiscent of bands such as the Cure, Bauhaus and New Order. While dark, the music features enough new wave and electronic shadings to keep it fun and entertaining. This song “is definitely our most straightforward song, in terms of the pop-song structure, which was something we were consciously trying to do,” bassist Sadie Powers says. myspace.com/deadfameofficial.

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