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2014 State of the Plate

Stars of service, reviewer wishes and 18 unforgettable dishes. Plus, our Restaurant of the Year, Dutch & Co.

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You've heard it: Richmond has arrived. To be fair, so have cities across America, where food quality is way up, farmers are growing niche crops that sell, chefs are respected and customers enlightened, and dining experiences overall are worthy of scrutiny and applause.

Even better, Richmond chefs have become intoxicatingly collegial and benevolent — something rare in other markets — raising tens of thousands of dollars for humanitarian causes and sacrificing their precious downtime to give and give again.

If our reviewers have learned anything this year, it's that the best of the best aren't chasing the trend. They're digging deeper, working harder, loving that mysterious, bone-breaking thing they do for the people, and making the dining scene ever more luscious and rewarding. Our annual State of the Plate issue celebrates the doers of the kitchen, for their power enchants us far beyond the moment of the meal. — Deveron Timberlake


Restaurant of the Year: Dutch and Co.

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Gold Plated
18 Richmond dishes we can't forget.

Servers Sublime
When we go out, we hope we get their table.

Staying Power
These Richmond classic remain fresh.

Take Us In
Interior design ads to the taste level at these Richmond establishments.

Special Request
What would make Richmond dining even better.

86 This
It's time to make these problems go away.

Eat With Us
Our food reviewers are open to your opinion.


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