2011 Comic Strip Issue 

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With pens as swords, local artists of all stripes take on the city. Our second annual contest finds wit, widsom and a big fat cat.
OF 19
Ruthie Proctor, 22.
Bizhan Khodabandeh, 30.
Jeff Gaynor, 38.
Jeff Gaynor, 38.
Seth Moreau, 32. Restaurant manager, Richmond and 2010 Comic Strip Issue first-place winner.
D. Brumfield, 52. Author, artist and Style contributor, Dowsell.
Mark Luetke, 28. Web developer, Richmond.
Donald Schrader, 56. Art history instructor, the Fan.
Keith Van Allen, 57. Animation director, South Richmond.
Victor Gottlieb, lab technician. Gum Spring.
Wes Allen, 30. Line cook, Carytown.
Illustrator: Jamie Douglas, 23. The Fan. Writer: Andy Rees, 23. The Fan.
Jared Cullum, 25. Graphic designer, Lakeside.
Bobby Gorman.
Jamie Douglas and Andy Rees.
Jon Vaughan.
Keith Van Allen.
Stone Ferrell.
Travis Jones.
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Ruthie Proctor, 22.

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