Special/Signature Issues » 2013 Power List

2. William H. Goodwin Jr.

Chairman and President, CCA Industries

  • Scott Elmquist
The man won't budge — in more than one sense. Goodwin, 72, has never fallen below third place in a decade of ranking power in Richmond. Being spectacularly wealthy helps. His holding company owns several hospitality businesses, including the iconic Jefferson Hotel. But as the saying goes, money is like muck, not good unless it's spread. And, oh, how Goodwin and his wife, Alice, share the wealth. They've donated tens of millions of dollars to education and cancer research. Virginia Commonwealth University, the University of Virginia and Goodwin's alma mater, Virginia Tech, all have benefited from their largesse. After the Dragas-Sullivan spectacle at U.Va. last year, Gov. Bob McDonnell (No. 20) appointed Goodwin as a senior adviser to the university's board of visitors. Goodwin promptly ticked off faculty with his admonishment to get over it. He's now vice-rector of the board. But Goodwin's big play continues to be his push for an independent, regional children's hospital, for which he uncharacteristically issued a very public financial ultimatum this summer. If VCU won't play along, Goodwin made clear that he'll take his $150 million elsewhere. He's not a guy you want to cross, say people in know, and his hard line on the hospital pits him against a few old friends. Smart money is on Goodwin.