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19 Headlines From the Time Capsule

1. Kaine Kids Will Attend Granddad's School (Aug. 24, 1999)

2. Get Ready to Rumba (July 27, 1999)

The national craze for all things Latino has cha-cha'd its way to Richmond.

3. GWAR Slave Pit Is on the Block (July 20, 1999)

4. A Life Less Ordinary (July 13, 1999)

In an exclusive interview, Kathleen Willey discusses what it's like to be at ground zero in one of the biggest political and sex scandals of the century.

5. A Precious Time (July 6, 1999)

Original girl-rocker Pat Benatar recalls the Richmond roots of her multiplatinum recording career.

6. Not Your Mother's Tupperware (Jan. 12, 1999)

What's really going on at those at-home sales parties? Let's just say these women are satisfied customers.

7. Sheriff Hopes to Plug Leaks (May 19, 1998)

In an effort to ferret out "deep throats" and plug media leaks within its ranks, the Henrico County Sheriff's Office suspended one employee and forced another to submit to a lie-detector test after accusing them of talking to Style Weekly.

8. Indefatigable Stella (March 28, 1995)

This Greek spot on the fringe of the VCU campus is still going strong. "Stella continues to bring a refreshing refinement to the hearty honesty of Grecian cooking." -- Davis Morton

9. You Are Very Richmond If … (Feb. 14, 1995)

"Your 'Information Superhighway' is the Junior League phone tree." — The winning entry by Anne-Marie J. Leake, in our 11th annual "Very Richmond" issue.

10. Is Brooks Brothers Coming to Regency? (March 15, 1994)

11. Sex in the 'Hood (Jan. 11, 1994)

Some west of the Boulevard residents are hitting the streets to quash bad behavior.

12. The News Leader Dies (May 26, 1992)

Before Geraldo, power walking, Oprah, baby joggers, Maury, step aerobics, pasta makers and Cosby, the afternoon paper was the early evening routine.

13. There's a Little Bubba in All of Us (March 24, 1992)

J. Garland Pollard IV on the Landed Virginia Bubba … The evolution of Bubba … Greatest hits, dining and drinking spots … Outings … the Bubbas among us.

14. The Hole That Taz Dug (May 1, 1990)

Filling the hole in Shockoe Slip — the Shockoe Plaza project — will be a $9 million parking deck providing almost 700 car slots and a $25 million complex of apartments, offices and shops. Developer Tazewell Carrington IV says, "Before it's all over, every nook and cranny and basement will have a shop in it."

15. Jerry Cable: King of Shockoe Slip (June 18, 1985)

The rags-to-riches story of the man behind the Tobacco Company phenomenon.

16. The Seven-Million-Dollar Woman (April 16, 1985)

If it weren't for Nina Abady, Virginia Union University's endowment would be $7.5 million shy and the Virginia Center for the Performing Arts might still be Loew's Theater.

17. Weathering the Storm (March 12, 1985)

Now, having survived the Depression, World War II and a lifetime in the law, Judge Robert R. Merhige Jr. says he is leaving the judiciary because "the system" is not set up to be fair to families.

18. Looking Good: Mandate for the '80s (February 1984)

"For some, the new emphasis on appearance was the rebirth of fantasy, theatricality and primal femininity after years of exhausting sameness. … In Richmond, businesses are responding with a dizzying variety of services designed to capture the buying dollar of women, men and children who know that the social imperative of the eighties is looking as good as possible."

19. The Fine Art of Flower Arranging (April 1983)

In the lead-up to Garden Week, experts weigh in from Four Seasons Fan Flowers, Doris Roberts' shop on Libbie, and Vanity Fair Flowers. Tip: Use 7-Up to create your own flower preservative! (Recipe: two cups 7-Up and two cups water, both at room temperature, and two tablespoons of bleach.)

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