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16 Other Things That Are 25 Years Old


1. The computer virus.

2. The compact disc.

3. WRLH Fox 35.

4. The :-), emoticons posted by Scott Fahlman.

5. Falklands War.

6. Our sister company, The Weather Channel.

7. Prince William.

8. Harrell & Chambliss, the Richmond law firm founded by L. Douglas Wilder and Judge Roger L. Gregory.

9. "Knight Rider," not Knight-Ridder. And therefore David Hasselhoff and, by extension, kitschy German cultural artifacts.

10. Epcot Center.

11. Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

12. The release of "Thriller," the highest-selling album of all time -- soon to live again at Cous Cous, through Fight the Big Bull, Oct. 31.

13. Execution by lethal injection, in Texas!

14. The Care Bears.

15. They Might Be Giants, coming Oct. 24 to a Toad's Place near you.

16. One of our interns from VCU, Nicole Morris.

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