Special/Signature Issues » 2012 Music Issue

16. Lost Tribe, “Dreamcatcher” 2:34


You know the opening scene in old black-and-white horror films — the grainy darkness, the creeping fog, the eerie music that crashes into crescendo. That’s also how Lost Tribe launches into its live set, with the payoff of rumbling bass, sharp drumbeats and searing guitar work punctuated by the deep howl of vocalist Davey Bales. They called it death rock in the early ’80s, but Lost Tribe blasts through an even weightier version of apocalyptic post-punk with lyrics that confront personal demons, rather than the fictitious kind. Taken from the group’s self-titled debut LP, “Dreamcatcher” rides on the back of what sounds like a booming pipe organ that almost drowns under a vicious complex of raving and riffs. The power of the track, Bales says, is rooted in a struggle to lift up his own spirit, think positively and move forward. losttribe.bandcamp.com.

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