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14 Tongue-Lashings From Readers


Critiquing Graffiti Spurs Disgust (January 3, 2007)

I don't know whether to be shocked by your stupidity or repulsed by the baseness of your graffiti article. … [It] rated criminal actions and gave "expert" commentary on several examples. Next will you critique muggers and carjackers on their skill, efficiency and monetary take? -- Matt Cushman

The Diamond Is No Jewel (July 12, 2006)

How anybody can call The Diamond a "jewel" is totally incomprehensible. … When the folks in my hometown, Syracuse, N.Y., wanted to build a new stadium, they visited a number of other facilities, The Diamond included. When they returned from their visit to Richmond, their report stated in essence: "The Diamond is a perfect example of how not to build a ball park"; they were that appalled with what they saw.

— David Hardwich

How Dare You Forget White Dog (May 3, 2006)

You named 50 best restaurants, most of them serving garbage. A few are decent, but the one restaurant that I find the best is White Dog, which I frequent on every visit to Richmond. … If you worked for me and made such a glaring error, your job would certainly be in jeopardy unless you corrected your error.

— Paula Mandel

Where Are Richmond's Young Black Leaders? (Oct. 26, 2005)

As an avid African-American reader of your publication, I am perplexed as to why out of 40 selected individuals [Top 40 Under 40] you could only find one African-American male. … Yes, you had three African-American females, but I would venture to say that the community needs to see more young male leaders. … I am sending out a challenge for next year's issue: at least four to five African-American young men.

— Alan Flynn

Review of Festival Sparks Feedback (Oct. 26, 2005)

I am totally appalled and offended by the headline and subsequent article, "Music for Some Folks." I cannot believe you would stoop so low as to make this a black/white issue. You would have to have been living under a bridge or in a cave to not have seen advertisements for the festival. Is this so-called white folks' fault? I suppose this magazine thinks so based on your article. — Suzanne M. Isaacs

Knee-Jerk Score? (Feb. 25, 2004)

As I read this week's "Score," I was puzzled as to why the appointment of Judge Robert Bork as distinguished professor of American law and culture at the University of Richmond rated a -2. Then I realized that in your description you used the word "conservative" to describe the former Supreme Court nominee. I forgot that in the opinion of the Style Weekly editors, anything "conservative" equals a negative.

— Steve Armstrong

No Roux, Rubes (Oct. 16, 2002)

I am a student at The Culinary Institute of America and former Richmond resident. I was amused by your recent article/"review" of TapHouse. I myself have never been there, because I am in New York, but that guy is an uneducated food critic.

Some of the things he said are just plain stupid: "I jumped at the New Orleans Gumbo ($5.25). … It was loaded with chunks of this and that, but the base certainly didn't seem to be constructed from a roux."

If it had a roux and okra it would have been the consistency of a milkshake. It is people like him who make people think that our town is a bunch of uneducated, redneck, trailer-park trash. — Kris Plummer

BLAB-TV Story Was Mean, Deceitful (April 24, 2001)

As president of RICH-TV, I take strong issue with your cover story of April 10, 2001. It was mean, deceitful, misleading, mean-spirited, and most of all lacked objectivity. … Our employees, except for a couple of former malcontents who poisoned the workplace, are hardworking, dedicated and professional men and women. … If you have any journalistic pride or integrity you will transcribe and reprint the interview you had with [Wanda Lewis Goodridge, director of operations] and myself. Otherwise, your journalistic value will be reduced to its lowest possible level. — Michael Morchower

Don't Diss Buffalo (March 9, 1999)

Style Weekly reveals its subconscious insecurity and not its pride in Richmond by the dissing of Buffalo in "Jim Kelly Touches Down in Richmond." What was the context of the short quote that Jim Kelly is moving here to "get out of Buffalo"?

Obviously, his prime motive in moving was to be near his brothers, and he might have chosen Richmond even if he had been playing for Miami. Are you sure Jim didn't say, "I'm really looking forward to the relentless summer humidity in Richmond"?

— John and Shirley DeSimone

Concern for the Mentally Ill (Jan. 4, 1994)

The public is not served well with fear and misinformation. The man spreading feces downtown was described as not being mentally ill, simply in need of a new town, and was lumped into a category of people who "fake mental illness" to qualify for benefits and care in an adult home. … We at the Daily Planet know him to be a very extreme case — not a typical case of homeless or mentally ill. … Out of the 6,000-plus people we work with annually, only a handful attempt to qualify for benefits for which they are not entitled. … The public is experiencing the consequences of not addressing root causes of problems.

— Isabel Rose,

Executive Director

Val Marsh, Development Director

The Daily Planet

So Liberal They Could Kill (Feb. 15, 1994)

Style magazine and the opinions that it contains are often so liberal that they could kill someone. … The unfortunate reality is that Sue Kennon should have served time for the first crime she committed. It is probable that she would have had the same positive results that she is experiencing now. … The three-time-loser law is a joke if no one is going to enforce it, and if the criminals do not pull the time for their previous convictions. The real solution would be a one-time-loser law, or if the perpetrator is going to receive the benefit of the doubt, at least a two-time-loser law for nonviolent criminals. Then maybe this country might be able to regain control of our crime epidemic. — James DeOlden

Find a Better Father's Day Subject (July 6, 1999)

I do not know who is more reprehensible, Style Weekly or Joe Morrissey, for the utter lack of regard for a young woman's right to privacy about a matter so inherently personal. I am completely dumbfounded by a father who would reveal his daughter's struggles and expose her to further humiliation. That he is using this as another publicity stunt is equally staggering to contemplate. How is she to face her schoolmates now? Shame on you both for acting in a way that suggests a lack of basic human consideration and feeling.

— Mark McIntyre

Wrong Word (May 1984)

Would you assent (that's agree, concur) to having some semi-literate person come by and teach your cover artist/head writer the difference between assent and ascent (that's upward movement)? — Carl Shires

The Force Wasn't With Us (March 23, 1999)

"The March 9 Style Weekly cover has a little problem. The guy who is supposed to be Darth Vader has Luke Skywalker's sword. Darth Vader's sword is red. We just thought you would like to know."

— Chris Lowry Martin Third Grade, Spring Park Elementary School

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