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14. The Green Boys, "The Morning"




When the Green Boys' lead singer, Ryan Green, wrote the song "The Morning" about a year ago, the parts and harmonies fell together painlessly and the band took that as a good sign. "It's a no-veil love song — pretty straightforward lyrically," he says. "It's about the back and forth between the ultimatum and the wait, the idea that she might just follow if you leave, but nah, it ain't worth the risk of not seeing her around." The four-piece Americana band centers on the Green brothers' songwriting and the idea of "close" or "blood" harmony, much like the style of the Avett Brothers. "We tend to think of ourselves as 'country revival,' as we like simple songs with a lot of steel guitar and straightforward heart breaking." Green says. The group's first full length, "Oh Delia," comes out in May with a CD release party at the Camel on May 17. The boys also will play FloydFest this summer. greenboysmusic.com. — Andrew Cothern

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