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Lost Boys Volunteer Deserves Recognition

Thanks for this great article on the Lost Boys in Richmond ("Lost Boys Find Richmond," News & Features, March 30). Jennifer Ernst is a saint who devotes much time, energy and love to helping the Sudanese boys/men resettle here. She knows the hard work that it takes, and she also knows the tremendous personal rewards and benefits that come from reaching out with your heart. Her family grows with each new friend she makes in the Sudanese community. I agree that it is the volunteers who have made the difference in their lives — and, I must add, in the lives of the smaller numbers of Sudanese "lost girls" who were privileged to come to Richmond. More volunteers are needed. They will never regret becoming involved.

Pat Thorpe
Initial Contacts Coordinator
International Mission Board

Reviewer Needs Re-education

I don't know what movie Style reviewer Cole Smithey saw (Quick Flicks, Arts & Culture, March 30), but it must not have been the same "Bad Education" that I saw (three times). "Bad Education" was a fascinating, well-made and thoroughly enjoyable film, one of the best I've seen in a long time. It was neither peculiar nor tedious. Smithey must not have even paid attention to the basics of the story, much less the rich details, because the two main characters in the film were not both filmmakers, as Smithey said; one was an actor.

I didn't consider the few gay sex scenes to be uncomfortably graphic, particularly compared to so many R-rated films that handle such topics with much less sophistication. I didn't blink or wince and most certainly did not fall asleep during this Oscar-worthy movie. Judging by the reactions of fellow viewers, the film does not appear to be overrated, either.

The only disappointing thing about "Bad Education" is that it did not stay at the Westhampton long enough.

Margaret Coxe


The substandard cinderblock apartments that once dotted Southern Barton Heights ("Project Blooms in Barton Heights," Street Talk, March 23) were privately owned, not owned by the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority.

Style regrets the error.

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