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Our schools should be an example of healthy living. Many children are going to go for the junk food if given the choice.

Kathy O'Bryan

Leaders are Inept

The recent opinion piece by Garrett Epps, "Let Us Pray" (Back Page, Dec. 18), summarized the priorities of the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors, led by Kelly Miller and Renny Bush Humphrey.

Since these two individuals have been in office, they have misused their elective office and wasted taxpayer dollars and time to promote their own bizarre and exclusionary social agenda. The purpose of local government is to provide basic services in an effective and efficient manner to all citizens, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, national origin or religious practice.

Instead, these two officials have given us urban sprawl, a broken transportation system, environmental degradation, kids going to schools in trailers, slush funds (euphemistically referred to as district improvement funds) used to dole out political favors and curry votes, and the promotion of a Talibanlike society to enforce their own unethical, unhealthy and sick ideology.

Their promotion of the Confederacy (which generated a visit from their friend David Duke), their censorship of the Internet in our public libraries (which resulted in a visit from their friend, Donna Rice), and their enforcement of a racist, homophobic and malignant, Christian, cultlike presence in our government buildings is destroying our democracy.

Mark W. Forster

Don't Lump Me In

I'm one of those (apparently) terrifying people known as a Christian (Back Page, Dec. 18). I'm not a Republican or a Conservative (gasp!). I'm just a Christian. And to me that means, as Oswald Chambers puts it, that I have a "personal, passionate devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ." I wish I didn't have to be lumped together with certain high-profile religious people just because I believe in and love this man called Jesus. Following Jesus means that I do need to be conservative about some things, but liberal about others, so I don't always vote the same way. I vote to be a good citizen, but have no real hope in any political party. Please don't blame an entire group of people (me included) for actions taken by a few.

April Blue

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