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Richmond, like most American cities, has done a terrible job of preserving its historic and worthwhile structures. We should endeavor to do better in the future.

Vic Hines

"Biggest Screen"? Hardly

Each week I look forward to the new issue of Style and your observations of Richmond. You often delight, and occasionally surprise.

It was surprise when I read your April 17 edition. In a story called "The Big Picture" by Connie Donnelly, owners of Regal Cinemas' Short Pump 14 Megaplex claim to have the largest movie screen in Virginia. The story says the screen is 56 feet, 10 inches wide, and 23 feet, 5 inches tall. It works out to 1,330.85 square feet. That's a big screen and definitely more than two stories high. But it is not the largest screen in Richmond, let alone the largest in Virginia.

You may find that the largest Virginia screen is at the Science Museum of Virginia's Ethyl Corporation IMAXDome® in Richmond. Our hemispherical screen is 75.4593 feet in diameter. It is five stories high and has a surface area of 8,944 square feet. I know of at least two other large screens in the state that should be mentioned as well. The Virginia Marine Science Museum in Virginia Beach has a movie screen 63 feet by 84 feet — that's 5,292 square feet. The Virginia Air & Space Center in Hampton has a screen 50 feet by 70 feet — that's 3,500 square feet.

For a truly BIG BIG BIG picture, may we welcome your readers back to the largest screen in Virginia, since 1983, the Ethyl Corporation IMAXDome Theater and Planetarium at the Science Museum of Virginia.

Walter Witschey

Executive director,

Science Museum of Virginia

Du Jour Rules

Re "Fuzzy Food," (Review, May 1): The scathing criticism of an old standby like Du Jour seemed unfair to me. The decor is minimalist but some believe less is more, as with Du Jour. One's palate is not distracted by too many hearts and flowers.

I had dinner at Du Jour last evening and the entire meal was scrumptious! Any restaurant can have an off night and sometimes my palate has an off night. Both were certainly on last night.

Robert E. Robinson

We All Can Fight Crime

In regard to the recent robberies in the Fan/Museum District, there are many things that citizens (of any neighborhood) can and should do to help keep it safe. Just using the Internet is both simple and a great way to be aware of neighborhood trouble. In the Museum District, there are e-mail alerts that notify residents of recent crimes (usually within 24 hours — send e-mail to: mrskdk@aol.com). There also is a crime report Web site maintained by Richmond Police that lists crimes by type and neighborhood at: http://www.ci.richmond.va.us/department/police/crimestats/index.asp.

It is unfortunate that the police are understaffed and the police can not always inform us via mail or other media. Part of the responsibility of being a good citizen is to become and remain informed and involved in our communities. The police will catch criminals faster with better community involvement and an involved citizenry, which makes us all more secure.

Jon Baliles

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