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Are you on the Web or the web?

Ms. Casati's question was a good one because Internet and computer usage is certainly in flux.

Fortunately for Rosie, Style follows the Associated Press Stylebook rules, and this is one subject on which Norm Goldstein, the editor of that bible, has given us clear guidelines. The AP entry for World Wide Web tells us: "The shorter the Web is acceptable. Also, Web site (an exception to Webster's preference), and Web page.

"But webcam, webcast, webmaster."

Webmasters tend to write the word web (with a lowercase w), and as Goldstein indicated, Webster's New World Dictionary, Fourth Edition, which AP suggests we use when we can't find a rule in the Stylebook, has its own idea on this. The Webster's listing is website.

Ms. Casati is ahead of us on one word. She assumes that e-mail has become email. That's not yet in our set of rules, but it's a good bet that this change is on the way.

Talk the Talk:

Bogart, verb, "To act like a tough guy; to bully. Selfishly appropriate; take an unduly large share of …" (source: the London Standard's report on new words that made it into the recently published Shorter Oxford English Dictionary)

Conflict diamond, noun, A diamond sold illicitly by groups opposed to internationally recognized governments and often used to finance military action against those governments." (source: the Copy Editor newsletter)

Bridezilla, noun, A bride-to-be who, while planning her wedding, becomes exceptionally selfish, greedy and obnoxious. Also: bride-zilla. (source: The Word Spy, www.wordspy.com)

Warchalking, noun, "chalk symbols that indicate to those in the know that an unsecured wireless networking station is nearby that can be used to tap into a corporate network and get illicit free Internet access." (source: Michael Quinion's Web site, World Wide Words, www.quinion.com/words/index.htm)

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