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Sheriff Shouldn't Play the Race Card

I am upset that Sheriff Mitchell would even bring up a white/black issue ("Who's to Blame?" Cover Story, June 15). She needs to realize that the recent death [of inmate Gregory G. Robinson] could have been prevented.

They knew the locks were broken and should have had a guard looking at those cells constantly. Even if a guard wasn't there, there is no excuse in that man laying there long enough for inmates to clean up the bloody mess, and another to take a shower. She needs to know that if her guards were doing their jobs correctly, his life may have been saved. How is it that his moaning was heard, but not the actual beating? I'm sure this man didn't lay there and quietly take a beating.

If you ask me, I think someone turned their head. Maybe they were afraid of the inmate doing the beating. Who knows; she just needs to admit that this time the death is getting more attention because it was preventable, not because he was white. You can rest assured that she will not get my vote. I don't want a racial leader in our jails.

Angela Rose
Gregory Robinson's ex-wife

Can Downtown Return to Greatness?

I just read your Back Page piece ("The Center of Prosperity?" June 8) and it knocked my socks off.

You have hit the nail square on the head about what has been wrong with Richmond for decades. Every time city government has come up with "a plan" it has eventually turned to s—t. Better they get back to the job of providing essential citizen services and let private enterprise and market demand revitalize the core city.

As a child of the '50s I can remember when downtown was a thriving center of commerce and the John Marshall was the epitome of elegance. With proper leadership it could be that way again.

Litt Roden

Take a Saber to This Review

The most striking thing about Brandon Reynolds' review of "The Empire Rocks Back" (Arts & Culture, June 15) is his concluding thought: "The funniest moments, of course, are when the cast members manage to crack each other up ." This just shows his lack of professional knowledge. Playing it straight is always funnier.

Only amateurs take delight in "breaking up" on stage. Sure, the folks on SNL can get away with it occasionally, but they don't try to every night. It is not amusing to see "comics" who can't allow their performances to generate the laughs.

Jerry Williams

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