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I am writing to congratulate Style Weekly on naming Jennie as the 20th Richmonder of the Year — you couldn't have picked a more dedicated, articulate, intelligent and inspiring person for this award! Jennie (and Jeanne) inspire so many people to get involved in supporting this city. I only hope that there will be more Richmonders who will follow her lead! Thank you, Jennie, for all that you do.

Mary Anne Conmy

Corrections and Clarification

The correct phone number for St. Andrew's School ("Wish Lists," News & Features, Dec. 22), which offers a free education to children of limited resources in Oregon Hill, is 648-4952.

Todd Yoggy ("At Home With," Home Style, January) designed the interior for the Goochland mansion Dover Hall. His business partner Mark Spangler was the architect who designed the house itself.

In 2004 the Virginia Supreme Court upheld RRHA's assertion that its trespass policies do not violate a person's freedom of speech ("Better Homes," News & Features, Jan. 5). Style regrets the errors.

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