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I did go on to the article and it all became clear, but the thousands of people who go to the grocery store and other sites where your magazine is displayed and glance at the cover will only assume that our lieutenant governor is a bad choice for governor. Please correct this and at the same time apologize to Kaine and his supporters. Place it on the cover, so the glancers will see it.

Jane Lively

The C3 Saga Continues

Ms. Anderson is peeved ("She Should Have Claimed the Name," Letters, July 27)? Why? What is her relationship to the Creative Change Center? She is certainly close, as she mentioned things that were not in the article.

In regards to Ms. Anderson's letter, please assure her that my bank statements, tax records, stationery, proposals, public advertising, direct mail and state corporation name all reflect C3 as I have used it for six years. I never imagined there would be any reason another creative entity in Richmond would use the name, and therefore did not spend thousands of dollars on a lawyer; especially as I do so much work for large agencies on national accounts, as well as having 60 local clients (and counting ...). Coupled with my avid volunteerism and work with nonprofit boards, I just assumed it would not be an issue. I am now taking the steps to ensure it no longer will be.

There might be a bigger story here, and it would serve reporters to take a closer look at a "nonprofit" whose mission is to rent out extra space in a building owned (from what I understand) by an agency. I wonder how many other businesses buy buildings, declare themselves a nonprofit, get historic building/tax credits, then have their parties sponsored by the city of Richmond and obtain grants from CarMax. Please tell Doug Wilder and my local car dealer I'd like them to show up with Cheez Whiz and crackers at my next par-tay.

Catherine Copeland Casati, C3

Editor's Note: Copeland Casati performs work on Style Weekly's Web site.


We misidentified an apartment building developed by H. Louis Salomonsky ("Salomonsky Released From Federal Prison," Street Talk, Aug. 3), in which Mayor Wilder resides. It should have been The Lofts at Canal Walk. Style regrets the error.

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