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This large company is based in Canada and is as Richmond as General Grant! Maybe this oversight could be explained by the large, full-page ad placed by the firm on the back of everything you publish.

The Bryans have also contributed much to the Richmond community, but they do not qualify as the "founders of the Richmond newspapers." There were many newspapers around before the Times in Richmond. In fact, the Bryans did not start any newspapers. Maj. Lewis Ginter founded The Daily Times, which he later gave to Joseph Bryan, his friend and attorney. Other newspapers associated with the family were either acquired or merged, not founded. This error is understandable considering the ties that your publication has to the Bryans of the Richmond Times-Dispatch and Media General.

I have lived in Richmond all my life (88 years) and have seen prominent names come and go. If Mr. Walters had actually done some research, he might have found for example that one family, the Cowardin family, has claim to the oldest jewelry retailer still operating in the city. He might have learned that they are still family-owned and in their fifth generation. If he would have dug a little deeper below the surface he might have also found out that the same family started the Richmond Dispatch, the origin of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, in 1850. They even have a street named after them.

Michael Dabney

Editor's Note: Schwarzschild is owned by Canada-based Tyringham Investments, the company of the late Barry Birks. It currently has no ties to Birks Jewelers, according to a Schwarzschild spokeswoman, and the Schwarzschild family is still involved with the business. Brandon Walters is a female.

Puzzled by Rating

What is the issue about the Fas Mart Convenience Stores [The Score, Oct. 16]? Is it a "-1" situation because a local company went under, and it wasn't taken over by another local operation? Is there a concern that this is like the North Carolina banks coming in and taking over the Virginia banks?

Doesn't the company who took over get credit for reviving a failing business and saving jobs, considering the governor's announcement to lay off 1,800 workers?

Hey, if they can prepare it well, it would be kind of neat to get decent tahini and falafel at a convenience store.

David Luebke

Liked the Locker

I just have to say that your recent article on Virginia Samsel's locker art gallery was wonderful ["Lilliputian Art," Oct. 23]. It is great to see inventive and creative art, and generosity in sharing others' art, demonstrated in your article. It is worth browsing your paper, even from Maine. Thanks again.

Gary D. McNeill

East Waterboro, Maine

It Wasn't Tuesday

For Randall Stamper [Restaurant Review, Oct. 23]: Surely the man who skewered Julian's so deservedly should know that the girl Newman met in "The Hustler" was played by Piper Laurie ... in a remarkably effective performance … not Tuesday Weld.

Jim Rosati

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