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Though he did win a stunning majority twice, he has squandered the good will of many who were eager to assist him. It should be noted that Richmond's resurrection started long before Doug Wilder stepped into office. It began with the courage and determination of thousands of Richmonders who have returned to the city and are dedicated to its revival.

The best medicine for Richmond is new blood. While the mayor has been busy whipping everyone into line, businessmen, families and young people have already been busy rebuilding neighborhoods and parks, and restoring the historic center of our city. City government and council were largely rehabilitated before he took over.

Richmond is much more than one man. Anyway, 80 percent gets you no more power than 50 percent. You get the office and power of being mayor. You must still work with its citizens, civic leaders and City Council to accomplish anything lasting.

Paul Hammond
Monroe Ward

Rosie May Be Right, But "Ain't" Gets "F"

Why do you even bother to have the column Rosie Right and then allow the front page to use the slang word "ain't" ("Monster Hunters: The James River has its own kind of Loch Ness. And it ain't pretty," Cover Story, June 28). How ridiculous!

I don't want the magazine on a table for my grandchildren to see how wrong this is. Can't you even use correct English?

Jerilynn T. Grigsby

Morchower Longs for Days of Frank Rich

I want to follow up on yesterday's conversation which included your acknowledgment that Style partially based its reporting on the "say so" of a few lawyers who informed Style that I had been reprimanded in the past by the Virginia State Bar ("Morchower Faces Charges in Taylor Behl Case," Street Talk, June 21).

I was impressed with your honor when it was conceded that Style's statement that I had been "privately reprimanded by the bar in the past" could also be interpreted to mean that I had been reprimanded multiple times.

I hope that my additional complaint that Style's headline implied that I was possibly implicated in the Taylor Behl murder case will be taken seriously. I have documented phone calls to prove it.

It is my hope that Style will return to its golden years when Lynn Darling and Frank Rich were the guiding lights of excellence. Your reporting of the bar complaint was an insult to credible journalism and tarnished Style's reputation of fair and accurate reporting. I'll never understand why Style chose to ignore my almost 20-year record of having never been disciplined or reprimanded by the Virginia State Bar in my representation of over 40,000 clients.

Michael Morchower

Editor's Note: The Virginia State Bar's complaint of attorney misconduct against Morchower refers to his representation of Taylor Behl's mother.

Topless Woman Speaks: Animals Have Feelings

As the woman who appeared topless at Sixth and Broad streets with my body marked like a butcher's chart ("Cuts of Meat," Street Talk, June 28), I hoped to remind people that the cuts of flesh we buy from the meat case come from animals who not only have the same parts as us, but also share our ability to experience joy and sadness, fear and pain.

Before they are chopped up and wrapped in cellophane, cows, pigs, chickens and other animals know only pain, fear and sadness. They never get to feel grass beneath their feet or breathe fresh air. They are confined to filthy, cramped cages, stalls or sheds and have their horns, tails and beaks cut off without painkillers. At the slaughterhouse, they are hung upside down by their legs and their throats are slit. Many are still conscious when they are dumped in tanks of scalding-hot water to remove their hair or feathers.

Each of us can make the kindest cut of all by cutting meat out of our diet — and it's easier than some may think. Readers can visit PETA's Web site, www.GoVeg.com, to learn more.

Hope Round


In a DVD review ("Now Hear This," Arts & Culture, July 21), we incorrectly attributed the song "Love Hurts" to Gram Parsons. Rather, the songwriter was Boudleaux Bryant. Style regrets the error.

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