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Keep Turning

Melissa Scott Sinclair wrote in her report of her first NASCAR race experience about how she "read up on NASCAR rules and scoring." At least she was able to get away with the racing faux pas of wearing sandals in the pit area. I'm showing her the black flag, however, for her mathematical mistake of 400 left turns during the race.

The 400 she refers to is the number of laps. As the track has four turns (left-hand, of course), that makes for 1,600 left-hand turns. For that, I'll just penalize poor Melissa a 15-second stop-and-go penalty and send her on her way.

Ted Edison


An article in Inside Richmond, Style's annual newcomers' guide included in last week's issue, referred to Thomas Cannon's wife as if she were still alive. She died last year. We regret the error.

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