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City Resources Are Misguided

I find it sad that so soon after our city is ranked one of the most dangerous in the country, your paper feels it is more important to report on a bucket truck that is to be used solely for removing graffiti, rather than focusing on the larger issues the city is facing ("Graffiti Killer," Street Talk, Nov. 23).

I understand you serve only to report the news, so perhaps my gripe is better directed toward the city. Even if the truck was donated, it is still city money that is going toward its use, money which could certainly be applied in a more rational manner. I support beautification efforts, but the Fan district's limited exposure to the violence which affects the rest of the city seems to blind the citizens living there to the real problems we must all face together.

And besides, I'm highly doubtful the taggers needed a bucket truck to do their graffiti, so why does the city need one to remove it?

Timothy Janson

Rock 'n' Roll With the Punches

Jeezum Crow! When I read that radio legend Dick Hungate was returning to the local airwaves ("Mr. Classic Rock," Arts and Culture, Nov. 2), I almost dropped my power hitter! Yes, I was that excited!

It says something about a man's fortitude that he can endure a soul-crushing experience like being replaced by a machine and bounce back undaunted and ready to rock once more.

I hastily went to his personal Web site (www.inventorofclassicrock.com) and was enlightened to discover that it was he who had the foresight to develop a format that celebrated artists such as Led Zeppelin, Boston and the Eagles exclusively, and as far back as 1981 no less, when most other radio stations were playing the likes of the Stones, Kansas and Foreigner. I mean, who else was producing quality music worthy of airplay at that time? The Clash? X? Elvis Costello? I think not.

And don't forget, he's an educator as well as a genre designer. On his daily "Rock School" segments, I've learned things like why Procol Harum disbanded and whether Blue Oyster Cult were really Satanists, or if it was all just marketing jive.

So a hearty welcome back to you, Dick. We are ready to rock!

Perry Iampietro

Did Donald Trump Move Here?

We heartily applaud Jennie Dotts and ACORN for attempting to preserve Richmond's historic buildings ("ACORN Threatens VCU, State with Lawsuit," Street Talk, Nov. 30).

We moved here last year after a lifetime in New York City. We have seen lovely (albeit in disrepair) brownstones leveled, replaced by bland glass and concrete behemoths, obscuring sky, light and air for the neighbors. I think we have our very own Donald Trump, who managed to destroy a healthy and historic portion of the Upper West Side.

I walk nervously through the Fan, wondering when the first skyscraper will come. It is now like the best part of the West Village. But, for how long?

Pat Outland

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